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Palmer: Planned Parenthood Purely Political, Donates to Democrats

September 29, 2015
Press Release

For Immediate Release

Washington D.C. – Congressman Gary Palmer (R-AL), participated in the Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s hearing on Planned Parenthood’s federal funding.  Palmer questioned Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s President, Cecile Richards, about the group’s extensive political activities.

You can watch his questions here:

"Planned Parenthood claims to be dedicated to women's health, but they are also a well-funded and powerful political operation,” Palmer said.  “Planned Parenthood’s political arm spends a significant amount of its time and money helping to elect candidates who they know will keep sending taxpayers money to them.  While supposedly nonpartisan, Planned Parenthood's political action committee (PAC) is in fact almost totally partisan.  Its most recent report indicates that Planned Parenthood's PAC gave 100% of the money to Democratic candidates in 2014, 99% in 2012 and 98% in the 2010 election cycle.

“For a long time, Planned Parenthood has spent billions of taxpayer dollars when in fact it could be argued that they do not need the money.  According to their own reports, Planned Parenthood's net revenue for last year was over $127 million. They also show $1.4 billion in net assets while also holding an endowment worth more than $100 million.

“Over the years Planned Parenthood has engaged in excessive spending for travel, entertainment, fundraising and executive salaries. For instance, there are 28 Planned Parenthood executives whose salaries are over $200,000, which is more than the pay for every member the President's cabinet.  Eleven more Planned Parenthood executives make over $300,000 per year which is more than the Speaker of the House, every Supreme Court Justice, including the Chief Justice, and more than the Vice President of United States.  Five other Planned Parenthood executives earn over $400,000 per-year, which is more than the president of the United States. Ms. Richards earns over $520,000 per-year. 

"Considering that Planned Parenthood has received billions of dollars from the federal government, there should be a much closer examination of their political activities, as well as a closer examination a Planned Parenthood's exorbitant spending."

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U.S. Representative Gary Palmer (R-AL) serves on three Congressional committees: Oversight and Government Reform, Budget, and Science, Space and Technology.  Visit Palmer online at his website or via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.