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Palmer Statement on Trump

October 13, 2016

Media Contact: Cate Cullen (202)225-4921

Palmer Statement on Trump

Birmingham, AL – Today Congressman Gary Palmer (R-AL) issued the following statement in regard to his support for the Republican ticket and Donald Trump.

“For the last several days, a number of news organizations have misrepresented my position in regard to support of the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. I have said from the beginning of the campaign cycle that I would support the Republican nominee and have never given any indication otherwise.

“Last week, it was revealed that 11 years ago, Mr. Trump had made some offensive and inappropriate comments about women. In the statement I issued, denouncing the comments by Mr. Trump, there was nothing to indicate I would not support him in November. But some news outlets have placed me with a group of people who have said they would not support Mr. Trump, when that has never been my position.

“Let me be clear, we are looking at two very imperfect candidates, but supporting the Republican nominee – Donald Trump - over the Democratic nominee - Hillary Clinton - is not a difficult choice. Even in recent days, we have seen more evidence from the emails released by WikiLeaks confirming that Mrs. Clinton is a pathological liar; we know that she is guilty of being extremely careless while mishandling classified information, that her actions caused four Americans to lose their lives in Benghazi, and she and President Obama are principally responsible for the disaster unfolding in the Middle East that has left over a half million people dead and millions more as refugees.

“Under the Obama Administration, the regulatory burden has crippled the economy and for the first time since the Carter Administration more small businesses are closing than opening, middle and lower income American families have seen their incomes decline, and millions are out of the workforce. Hillary Clinton has promised to continue the status quo, and that is unacceptable. And while I can offer no defense for the reprehensible comments made by Mr. Trump, he has run a conservative campaign and continues to surround himself with people I trust, like Jeff Sessions and Mike Pence, both of whom I have known for over 20 years.

“This election is not about comments made 11 years ago or even 11 months ago, but about the policies represented by the two candidates. Hillary Clinton will continue the assault on the Second Amendment; she will continue to allow the killing of the unborn; she will continue to appoint judges who legislate from the bench; she will continue to issue executive orders not based on law or logic; she will continue to destroy our military and national defense; and she will continue to drive up the national debt and harm economic growth with regulatory burdens.

“When every poll shows that over 75-percent of Americans believe the nation is headed in the wrong direction, it should be evident that we need to change direction. That is why I will support Mr. Trump as the Republican nominee, because Hillary Clinton must not be the next president.”