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Palmer Supports EPA Reform Measures

March 18, 2015
Press Release

For Immediate Release

Washington, D.C. – This week, Congressman Gary Palmer voted for two bills on the House floor, H.R. 1029, The EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act, and H.R. 1030, The Secret Science Reform Act, which he had previously supported as a member of the Science, Space and Technology Committee.  These bills make positive reforms to the EPA to enforce accountability and transparency.

“The EPA is an agency with serious and systemic problems.  It has abused its power to achieve goals which are not supported by the American people, and too often does so without sufficient transparency or public input.  These bills will resolve some of these ongoing problems, and move us in the right direction by ensuring the EPA does not rely on secret, unverifiable science, and by ensuring scientific review does not become politicized.

“I have a long history of advocating for sound environmental policies while rejecting environmental extremism.  I look forward to supporting more EPA reforms.”

Background information:

H.R. 1029: The Science Advisory Board was established in 1978 to review the scientific foundations of EPA’s decisions.  Recently, the board has limited public participation and EPA has interfered with the board’s work.  H.R. 1029 allows for greater public participation in the board’s activities, and reinforces peer-review requirements and reducing conflicts of interests. It also limits the board’s ability to make non-scientific policy advice.

H.R. 1030: This bill restricts the ability of the EPA to rely on non-public science to justify their regulations, which has been an issue repeatedly in recent years.  The bill includes protections to ensure that personal and confidential information remains private.  It is supported by a wide array of groups and scientific experts, including Ivy League professors and two former chairs of the EPA science committee.

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Cliff Smith, (202) 225-4921,
U.S. Representative Gary Palmer (R-AL) serves on three Congressional committees: Oversight and Government Reform, Budget, and Space, Science and Technology.  Visit Palmer online at his website or via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.