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July 10, 2020

Dear Friends, 

June 11, 2020

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May 13, 2020

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April 2, 2020

Dear Friends, 

March 12, 2020


In light of the evolving situation and the concern surrounding COVID-19, I just wanted to check in and provide information that may be helpful as we address this important issue. 

March 4, 2020

Socialism has gained broad support among the 20s-30s age range. This is not surprising when you consider that the American education system has abandoned teaching the positive aspects of U.S. history, the details of the free market system, and the path to America’s place as a land of promise to the world.

February 6, 2020

"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is." –Winston Churchill

December 20, 2019

House Democrats have just voted to pass two articles of impeachment against President Trump, one for abuse of power and the other for obstruction of Congress. There is no factual or legal basis for either of these. The lack of evidence to justify impeachment is why not one single Republican voted for either article.

November 28, 2019

As an official United States holiday, Thanksgiving is inextricably linked to our nation’s founding and its times of conflict. The earliest Thanksgiving observances were announced by presidents, often during serious wars.

November 18, 2019

The power to impeach a president resides with the entire House of Representatives, not select committees. Up until now, every impeachment inquiry has required a majority vote in the House to get started and has been conducted publicly. Unlike previous impeachments, the process of investigating President Trump has been hyper-partisan, extremely biased, and irreparably deceitful.